HUNMiskolc, Arnóti sor 128, 3530

We are looking for sponsors!

We try not harming the vines, producing ripe, nice berries, making good wine out of them. Taking care of the environment, nature and giving work to the locals. We try to sustain the tokaj world heritage, at least on the small land we take care of and in the cellar.

We produce more than us and our family needs. We want to share the wonder with others too.

We can’t give everything for free so that the winery can be sustained and developed. So we sell a few crates of wine. We don’t make it for sale, but we still sell it. After a lot of thinking, we figured, that the wine’s biggest pride is if people buy it, drink it, and find enjoyment in it. But we don’t see customers in those who buy a bit of wine. They are our sponsors, who make it possible for us to sustain the property with their support. We hope they get good wine in exchange.

Purchases are possible in person or via mail after discussions on the phone or e-mail.

Szabó Zoltán, Varga Andrea
telefon: 70/6112375

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