HUNMiskolc, Arnóti sor 128, 3530

The property

By luck we bought a small piece of land next to Szepsy István’s. We got to know his fame, work, and maybe his personality too from his books, the columns about him, his lectures, but this way we met personally too. During pruning and shoot-selecting. He is rarely in such a hurry that we can’t exchange a few words.

It’s no secret we want to be followers of him regarding his respect towards nature, the area, the vines, the following of nature, his desire of achieving quality. Maybe someday the result, the wine will be as good so that we can come close to him.

The area allows this, maybe it’s even better than what we deserve:

The Nyulászó is a historic first class slope, it has written reference from the 1600s. It’s the Szent Tamás hill’s southern extension. It’s soil is yellow mixed with clay and hard tuff.

The grapes harvested here gives wine with the most well liked characteristics, floral, fruity, easily drinkable, but with mineral content, it’s flavourful, balanced and elegant. Regarding It’s aromas the expert mention ripe citrus, white meat fruits, peach and tropical fruits.

On the plantation there is a mix of furmint and hárslevelű grapes, many kinds of clones. Ther is a lot of small-bunch and madárkás (small berries) furmint, therefore the wines are rich, colourful and flavourful. During replacing we also plant small-bunch clones, because our aim is quality over quantity.

On this land the residents have been making a living from work regarding vines for 400-500 years. We want to believe that in 100 or 200 years’ time these hills will still yield grapes. We bought a piece of this, we have papers to prove it’s ours. But our lifespan is so short in this dimension, we feel like we are just taking care of these plants for a few years. We hope we do it well.